Central location
Excellent access by car
Close to the city centre and the historical centre of Bratislava
Easy access by public transport
Full range of public facilities in the near vincinity
Lots of parking possibilities
Stop name: Floriánské námestie
Distance: 80 m / 1 min.
Lines: 3, 5, 7
Stop name: Vazovova
Distance: 230 m / 3 min.
Lines: 31, 39, 94, 512, 515
Bratislava Hlavná stanica
Distance: 1.3 km / 25 min, MHD
Accessibility by car is excellent
Fazuľová street is well connected
to D61, D1 and D2 highways via
broad local roads infrastructure.
Underground parking directly
in the CUBUS building.
Bratislava International Airport
M. R. Štefánika

By car: app. 15 km / 20 min.
By public transport: 35 min
Vienna International Airport,
Schwechat, Austria

By car: app. 62 km / 40 min.